Agrafa Mountaineering Association

Mountaineering Association of Agrafa
A Tribute to the Trails of Nature and Life

The Mountaineering Association of Agrafa, is dedicating its action to all those people who have marked the trails of mountains with their hiking shoes and souls, while struggling to make their living. Our Association is paying a tribute to those natural mountain climbers who have driven their flocks into dangerous paths with their callous, yet clean, hands; to those people who have climbed remote mountain tops together with their animals, which meant the whole world to them and did not constitute simply a means of their survival.

We are dedicating our action to those first natural mountain climbers who have taught us to respect and protect nature.  

We are dedicating our action against the business interests of those who are coveting our natural wealth, to the natural mountain climbers who delivered to us Nature undamaged by the interference of profit makers.  

Sky our Grandfather, Moon our Grandmother, Earth our Mother, I am thankful. We love each other. We are grateful  

(Cherokee Indian proverb)

We are many in number and we are continuing our activity with force.

Welcome to the Mountaineering Association of Agrafa.

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Thank you in advance for your great support.

Kindest regards,
Mountaineering Association of Agrafa

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Mountaineering Association of Agrafa

Your love...
is our strength!

Our strength stems from the incredible love and support we receive by the members of our association, who honor us with their presence and active support in all fields.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Kind regards,
Thomas Ntavarinos

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