Mountaineering Association of Agrafa

Mountaineering Association of Agrafa

Association Profile:

The Mountaineering Association of Agrafa was founded in 18 December 2017and Topoliana of the Municipality of Agrafa, Evritania has been designated as the local community. The Association is activated in the entire Municipality of Agrafa. The stimulus and motto for the creation of the Association was given by the following members:


  1. Thomas Davarinos of Spyridon
  2. Fotis Agrafiotis of Grigoriou
  3. Kiki Davarinou of Spyridon
  4. Petros Pazios of George
  5. Kyriakos Gazis of Nikolaos
  6. Christos Paziodimos of Konstantinos
  7. Costas Ragos of Lambros
  8. Spyros Ragos of Lambros
  9. Athanasios Giolias of George
  10. Konstantinos Tsioumos of Dimitriou
  11. Panagiotis Davarinos of Konstantinos
  12. Costas Karabas of Dimitriou
  13. Spyros Giolias of Demetriou
  14. Seraphim Davarinos of Fanis
  15. Stelios Resitis of Georgios
  16. George Giolias of Athanasios
  17. George Papadimitriou, son of Ioannis
  18. Dimitrios Pazios of Athanasios
  19. Athanasia Sophia of Peter
  20. Angeliki Paziou tou Stavros
  21. Panagiotis Davarinos of Charalambos
  22. Thomas Kotsias of Markos
  23. Stelios Resitis of Konstantinos
  24. Christos Pazios of Georgios
  25. Sophia Davarinou of Vasileiou
  26. Fanis Davarinos of Seraphim
  27. Dimitrios Davarinos of Spyridon
  28. George Agrafiotis of Gregory
  29. Sotiris Karapanos of Dimitriou
  30. Christos Vazouras of Athanasios
  31. Loukas Koutsouris son of Georgios
  32. Dimitrios Davarinos of Apostolos

From 2017 until today, many new members have been added to our Association and this board consists of:

  1. Thomas Davarinos
  2. Socrates Bakousis
  3. Antonios Sykaris
  4. Panagiotis Paliouras
  5. Konstantinos Geronikos
  6. Sotiris Karapanos
  7. Athanasios Giolias


The founding of the Association is aiming at contributing to the promotion of its sights, namely the mountains, gorges, forests and stone bridges of the area. Our aim is to attract visitors from all over the world, thus achieving the development of tourism in the Municipality of Agrafa. Through the various activities it offers, our Association also wishes to attract children, as well as young and older people, in order to bring them into contact with nature.

The Association is also responsible for keeping clean the environment in which it performs its activity, since it constitutes one of the unspoiled places in Greece, and Europe as well. Further to the maintenance of a clean environment, our aim is to trace and define old and new trails and rock climbing routes.

Activities, such as hiking, rock climbing and mountain climbing are carried out by our Association on a regular basis and are addressed to all ages, both young and old.


  • Registrations are available all year round at a cost of 20€. Memberships can be renewed every September.
  • Email:
  • Main Office: Topoliana, Evritania
  • Responsible Parties:
  1. Thomas Ntavarinos

        Tel : 6973516259

  1. Panagiotis Paliouras

        Tel :6977301975

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