Bouzounikou Gorge

The Municipality of Agrafa constitutes one of the most beautiful municipalities in Greece and, at the same time, a tourist location and attraction for many visitors during the summer and winter period. The Municipality dazzles its visitors with the natural and unique beauty of its mountains, rivers, stone bridges and gorges.

For thousands of years, the unexplored gorges of the region have been anticipating the challenging arrival of people. So has the Bouzounikou Gorge in the Western side of the Municipality of Agrafa, situated between the villages of Valaora and Topoliana, next to River Granitsiotis, with its base in Valaora.

Since its founding, the Mountaineering Association of Agrafa has been aiming to promote itself and get people from all around the world to know it. 

The gorge covers a length of 650m, and it is easy for someone to cross it and thus combine hiking along with climbing around the area. It consists of approximately 104 climbing routes, most of which have been completed and are ready for use.   

However, there are routes which have not yet been completed and are under processing.   

At this point, it is important to note that mountain climbing is addressed to all ages, both young and old, regardless of experience and physique.   

The various routes are classified according to their level of difficulty; for people that come into contact with climbing for the first time, amateurs, as well as for professional mountain climbers.

The Bouzounikou Gorge is the gem of the Municipality of Agrafa and constitutes a unique destination for hiking and climbing lovers.   

The clean, natural environment creates special and unique images that invite and attract guests to visit it.

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